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Todd Tractor’s 2510H Dry 16R is a dual product high speed nutrient applicator. Our base machine is a John Deere 15 row 2510H anhydrous applicator. We then convert the bar to a 16 row on 30 inch centers. By doing this it allows us to more easily follow the strips of the applicator with a 16 row planter. Lastly, we add a Montag dry fertilizer system to complete our high speed dual nutrient applicator.

  • 16 Single-Disk Openers on 30 Inch Spacing
  • 6 Ton High Capacity Montag Dry Fertilizer Box
  • Heavy-Duty Walking Tandem Axles
  • In-Furrow Dry Fertilizer Placement
  • John Deere Liquid & Dry Rate Controllers
  • 4 Section Anhydrous & 2 Section Dry Shutoffs
  • Michelin or GoodYear Tires
  • Raven Vortex or Continental Ultra Flow Anhydrous Systems
  • Hiniker Nitro-Lert NH3 Row Monitoring System

Advantages of Todd Tractor's 2510H DRY:

  1. Ability to see all openers while operating.
  2. Fertilizer Placement Options--Fertilizer tube options allow us to change where the fertilizer is placed in the soil profile.
  3. With fertilizer tank mounted on rear of applicator we require less hose to reach our openers and have full visibility of all the lines.
  4. With shorter fertilizer hoses we can use a slower air speed to get our fertilizer to the openers, thus allowing them to have a longer life span.
  5. Fully integrated John Deere System 
    • 2 John Deere Rate Controllers
    • Ran through GS3 2630
  6. Supported by John Deere dealership for parts, software, and precision technology advancements.
  7. Variable Rate on both anhydrous and dry fertilizer.
  8. Over 90% of parts are John Deere.
  9. Very clean factory appearance.

Advantages of DUAL PLACEMENT:

  1. Places fertilizer where seedling root systems can more readily use the nutrients.
  2. Improves nutrient use efficiency.
  3. Requires less fertilizer per acre than broadcasting.
  4. Positions fertilizers so that they are more available to the crops than to the weeds.
  5. Permits application in one operation.
  6. Retains nutrients during soil erosion.
  7. Reduces nutrient tie-up.
  8. Promotes rapid early plant growth by increasing P availability.
  9. Promotes winter hardiness through improved P and K nutrition.

Why did we use a Montag fertilizer system?

  • They are built to last: Everything that comes into direct contact with the fertilizer is 300 series food grade stainless steel, rubber, or plastic. The frames are also painted with chemical resistant paint.
  • Built-in accuracy: First, the air is split and then the fertilizer is metered in by the measured amount. Thus, as long as the metering augers are calibrated correctly, you will get the same amount of fertilizer in each row.
  • Low hydraulic requirements: Montag relies on speed of the air not pressure in the tank. So all of the power is used to move the fertilizer not wasted in pressurizing the system.
  • Readily adaptable to precision agriculture: Hydraulically controlled meters provide for variable rate application through our John Deere Dry Rate Controller.
  • High rate application: Montag units are the only air system in the industry that can handle rates as high as 1000 lbs. per acre while running 5 MPH.

For additional information please contact Roger Todd or Daniel Todd (785)336-2138

2510H Dry Calibrator

Access our easy to use calibration tool to calculate the dry while you're out in the field! 

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