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RTK Network

Todd Tractor's 450 MHz RTK network is made up of 4 locations (Baileyville, Sabetha, Summerfield, & Goff) covering all of Nemaha County.

Benefits of RTK

RTK from John Deere provides highly accurate, repeatable corrections from global positioning system (GPS) to John Deere's suite of precision ag applications. RTK utilizes a local, ground based reference station that transmits the high accuracy corrections to a StarFire receiver on a machine via RTK Radios.

Accuracy depends on the distance between the base station and the machine. At 12 miles from a base station, a machine has 1 inch of accuracy 68 percent of the time, but the closer the machine is to the base station, the more accurate the signal is.

Other benefits include:

Reduced overlap--A producer running RTK can operate 1 inch pass to pass accuracy. With less overlap, fewer inputs are used and overall cost can be reduced.

No satellite drift--Inherent to any satellite-based guidance system, drift occurs. Whether it is starting up a tractor in the morning or down time during the day, A-B lines can drift during those time periods. With RTK's ground based corrections signal satellite drift is completely eliminated.

450 MHz vs. 900 MHz. RTK Signal

The John Deere RTK 450 MHz Radio is designed to maintain signal coverage to be used in areas with rolling hills or dense treelines to maintain signal coverage and RTK accuracy where the John Deere RTK Radio signal strength is not sufficient. Especially in the rolling terrian of north east Kansas the 450 MHz radio is a must.

The following is a simple way to think about the differences between the two signals:

The John Deere RTK Radio 900 uses a frequency band that is like an interstate: it is free and open to the public. If only a dew people are using the interstate, it moves fast; however, when everyone uses it at the same time, there is a traffic jam and it moves slowly. Conversely, the John Deere RTK Radio 450 is a private road. It cost to own, but you can drive as fast as you want whenever you want.


Yearly subscription to Todd Tractor's RTK network is $500. Please stop in today and talk to either Roger or Daniel Todd about upgrading to RTK today!
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